A good hook for an interview story?

I m working on a personal project and I interviewed a cool obscure music group and now I want to make that interview into a featured profile story. This is my first time writing something like this so I m just kind of stuck on how to make a good hook to grab the readers interest and keep it. Please help thanks!

Sir Caustic: Make your first line

Make your first line: "I knew there was something wrong when I awoke underneath the drummer in a police cell, watching the singer and guitarist both eating the (thankfully dead) keyboardist while a crowd of policemen cheered from behind the bars". It's your only hope.

Michael E

1) Why should I care? Why should I continue to read about Obscure and the Unknowns? (That's the first thing that your profile should address, not a dismissal of your YA question.) 2) What has flowed from Obscure and the Unknowns into the reader's knowledge base. 3) What will O&U do next week/month/year that will bring them to my attention. All of this depends on the target audience. Is it a general audience or an genre specific audience or ....

The Lord Humungus.

Sounds dull as ****. Tell you what, go to the website of the New Yorker, because any number of times I've read twelve page articles on an artist in a genre or even a media in which I have no interest at all, yet I enjoyed reading it. Steal everything those writers know. And skip being the ten thousandth kid to decide he can write like Hunter S Thompson.


You can write the actual story about how you got to interview then the actual interview. You can also give 2 poinnts of view theirs and yours