Amazon Can I write “award winning” on my book cover since my school gave me an award for it?



You can if you want to, but you'd be risking huge ridicule if anyone asked or found out what award it was!


Books that have received an actual, legitimate, recognised award can tout that by displaying the award on the cover. Saying that you have received one and then displaying an award that's essentially meaningless is only going to call attention to the fact that the award in question is not in fact an authentic, proper, genuine literary honour. And there are plenty of books which have won awards which aren't at all worth reading. It's your book, so do as you like, but any serious reader would see it for exactly what it is - a gimmick and a ruse.


Be aware that readers are increasingly savvy to bogus and meaningless awards. If you want to look like an amateur, go right ahead. Getting a school award, while an accomplishment, doesn't really say anything positive about your book as it compares to all the other self-published books. There are awards for self-published works. Earn one of those.


Of course you can. Not that it will impress anyone, but that's not really the point.


Not really. A school prize doesn't mean much in the publishing world. What's more, saying such a thing will make the reviewer even more critical of your work. Maybe that's what you want, but maybe it will backfire.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

Yes People deserve a laugh. Self-published authors who tout grade-school awards are hilarious.


You might want to add a small stipulation somewhere maybe one of the end pages stating what award.


Yes you can, because it IS true (though I have to say, insignificantly true.) Cheers! +++++