Can a werewolf get drunk and/or high?

I'm writing a story about a teen wolf, and I have a party scene coming up. Is it possible for werewolves to get drunk from drinking alcohol and high from smoking weed?


As they don't really exist, you can invent anything you like about them. You could write that their ears go bright pink on Tuesdays if you want.


Yes. Canines can get drunk and high. Why would a lycanthrope be any different?


It is your story, you get to decide what the werewolves can and can't do.


Yes. He would then wander about telling people that they were his bestest friend so he could tell them that he was a werewolf.

The Lord Humungus.

Dogs get drunk and high. Although anyone who has done this also knows dogs get the craps from drinking beer as they have a different digestion.

Steven J Pemberton

Seeing as werewolves don't really exist, their abilities and limitations are whatever the author wants them to be.


You can make it any way you want. Just research, but I guess, if it fits with the rules you already set in your world and it doesn't contradict them, then sure they can.


Yes, but they would have had to consume a large quantity of it. Like enough alcohol to kill a normal human


Your werewolf, your story, your decisions.


They could in the Vampire Diaries. But in other things they can't because their systems overcome it. I think it was in the Being Human that werewolves had to lace alcohol with a little wolfs-bane, a poison that in werewolf lore can disable or kill a werewolf, in order to get drunk. The wolfsbane would knock their increased wolf metabolism down enough that they could get drunk. At any rate, you could have it be that they can, have it be that they can't, have it be that they can but it lasts shorter or requires a lot more, or have it be they need to take something like wolfsbane to knock their system back enough for it to happen, which could in your story be dangerous and maybe your character accidentally almost kills themselves to get drunk or high because of overdoing it on the wolfbane and so their fellow wolves stage on intervention. There is room in the enormity of werewolf lore for any of these, so what's most important becomes that once you establish whatever you choose in your story's mythos, you remain consistent with it ever after. By the way, wolfsbane is real. It exists. It's also poisonous to humans. You can die from ingesting it. However, humans can take very small doses of the poison and build a tolerance to it over time in order to establish some baseline level in the bloodstream. In werewolf lore, this is what humans do to ward off werewolves, it being equally or even more poisonous for werewolves, who cannot build a tolerance to it. In Vampire Diaries, you see wolfsbane appear as vervaine, which is fictitious. The reason they didn't call it vervaine instead of wolfsbane is they didn't want overly enthusiastic fans, kids and LARPers and the like, going out and ingesting wolfsbane and killing themselves.