Good books about surgery/medicine?

I’m 13 and I’m looking for some good books about surgery/medicine/the brain. I want to become a neurosurgeon but i don’t want to do endless studying and what not now, however I do want to learn about it now and I need some new books so I’m going to combine the two and get books about biology/chemistry/surgery/neuroscience. Are there any books out there you recommend that 1)aren’t too complicated, I’m 13 so gcse level books are great and 2)aren’t too expensive 3)are interesting? (I want non fiction mostly but if there are any nonfiction that’s really cool too!) Thanks in advance x

bluebellbkk: Start with 'Do No Harm'

Start with 'Do No Harm': Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery', by British neurosurgeon Henry Marsh. It's a series of chapters about incidents in his long career, written for the general reader and certainly OK for an interested 13-year-old. After that, go on to similar books by American surgeon Atul Gawande.

Marli: Brain : the complete mind

Brain : the complete mind : how it develops, how it works, and how to keep it sharp Sweeney, Michael S. is a likely book. Note the Dewey Decimal Classification number and the Library of Congress Subject headings. See if it or books like it are in your library, or if they can be borrowed from elsewhere. Innovation is rapid in surgery and medicine, so today's books will be seriously out of date by the time you are in med school. Still you are wise to get and maintain a good understanding of what you need to know. Keep in touch with your guidance councillor and your librarians


Blueb. has some good suggestions. I would also recommend the works of Oliver Sachs.


The Surgeon's Mate by Patrick O'Brian


coma by robin cook


Look for them at your local library and ask for help from one of the librarians and then you can borrow it without the expense of buying it until you are sure that you like it plus if they don't have it then they can get it from another library on loan.


" but i don’t want to do endless studying " Becoming a M.D. involves a LOT of study. Then surgeon. Then neurosurgeon . You need four years Pre-med. Four years medical school .Training in each of the specialties .In ten yours from now, if all goes well and your study endlessly, you will just begin medical school. Good luck .