How do you make it through the locker room on your first day as a stripper?

Hello, I'm considering becoming a stripper soon. I was wondering how do you make it through the locker room? I mind my own business and don't start drama with people, but I know girls can be catty. Should I say hello and try to introduce myself, or just look forward and keep on walking? I know that if someone says something slick to me that I should just ignore them. I just don't wanna start off on the wrong foot.


say hello and try to introduce yourself keep friends close and enemeies closer

The Lord Humungus.

Take some X and go lesbo, lf you're going to pretend online go all in.

Sir Caustic

Hello, I'd use a map. Yes. A day or so before the job starts, get someone to draw a map of the locker room area, or break-in the night before and map it out yourself. On your first day, with the aid of a compass, you should be able to navigate your way through the room like a pro. No pun intended. When you've finished stripping, simply reverse the path you took to get in to go out. Hope this helped.


A stripper I knew used to dance on a bar in a road house in Arizona. With 18 other girls, all of whom used to peddle their *ss*s. She used to preach from the Gospel of Matthew. I don't know if that would help. (she also did a lot of coke).