I’m 17 and all the girls in my dance class have been on pointe for years, I have been doing ballet for 4 years how do I ask my dance teacher?



You don’t ask why you aren’t en pointe yet. You ask “what can I do to make myself more ready for pointe work?” Your teacher knows you want this. If you ask her why you aren’t, it means you are questioning her teaching abilities. Keep in mind some people cannot ever do pointe work based on some physical limitations. While that might not be your case, it is still a possibility.




You should ask your teacher slowly but if she says no don’t react in the wrong way be mature about it. Also, you should think about if your ankles are strong enough. Two of my friends do ballet one had been doing it for five years but she still isn’t in pointe my other friends has been doing it for three years but she is learning to go on pointe this year. So in general if your teacher thinks you are ready they will tell you. Good Luck!!!


Decide first if you would like to take that step. (Research pointe foot injuries.)


17, nope, not a good idea anymore to go in that direction.


Just ask if you might be close to being ready. Don't rush it.

Sir Caustic

You don't ask. You communicate to him/her using a combination of smoke signals and morse-code tapped out on the floor using a hairbrush. If you think you're not getting through to him/her, try using semaphore or that language the dolphins use.