Is 18 too old to take ballet classes?

Hello, I am currently 18, almost 19, and for years I have wanted to take ballet classes. To clarify, I do not want to do it professionally, just as a hobby while I am in university. I was wondering if it is too late for me to start? A lot of studios in my area only seem to have beginning classes for children, so I am unsure whether someone in their late teens is too old to take classes. Thanks all! :)


You certainly aren’t too old for recreational ballet classes. There are beginner adult or teen/adult classes if you look for them. Stay away from competition schools and look for schools that are primarily ballet focus. You can google adult beginner ballet classes and your area to see what is available near you.


Seem to only have beginner classes for children. Have you called and ask for beginner adult classes? Many studios offer beginner adult classes. My daughter teaches ballet at an art academy. She has a large adult class. And just had a college student join her class for the very same reasons as yours. They also offer a senior adult ballet and modern class for students who are 50+


Lots of schools cater for adult beginners. Have a ring around.


It's never too late to try anything, go for it Girl

Sir Caustic

Yes, I'm afraid it is. The insurance costs of teaching such an elderly person as yourself would be prohibitive for the average, small-town kids dancing emporium.


adult lessons i'm sure are available, probably on the weekend and at night


I wouldn't think so.


Yes. Go take up something more appropriate for your age, such as knitting or canasta, grandma!