Someone says I suck at dancing? What do I do?

First of all I don’t think I suck. I enter dance battles and have advanced past the prelims many times, and gotten respect from other dancers and they’re really good. When I post a vid of me dancing the same guy always has something to say, he says I dance too fast and I’m sloppy and need to slow it down. However it’s my style and I know many fast dancers who are champions. This guy doesn’t hasn’t even past the first round or even came to a dance battle. I’m sure I could beat him. Why is he like that and what do I do? It makes me feel mad and makes me feel like a bad dancer -_-


Ignore the mean attention - seeker.If you are good, you`re good so enjoy it fully. You could take up kick - boxing, it is fun, or say you practice it as well as dancing.


keep doing what you're doing and if you don't read music, learn

Ronnie Burney

As a dancer we are always receiving comments, some bad, some good. Everyone has their own opinions on what is good when it comes to dance. This guy is just is just another hurdle. Ignore it.


So post the video so we can see you dance.




Just not really quite grown up yet, eh?


Just keep doing what you're doing. I'm sure your dancing is much better than his. :)