Can you please tell me what my nationality, ethnicity citizenship is? I also have few other questions. Details are provided below.?

I was born in Japan in the early 90's but grew up in the Philippines. After I was born, I stayed Japan for a year and then moved in the Philippines. I stayed in the Philippines for 22 years. I migrated to Japan in 2015. My father's side: 1. 292 years before I was born, one of our ancestors (a pure Chinese woman) married an English man. 2. They gave birth to daughters and so many sons and their sons married pure Chinese women who gave birth to so many sons as well. 3. None of them married a foreigner. The offsprings married pure Chinese women. 4. My only ancestor who is a pure foreigner was that English man from 292 years before I was born. His offsprings are not pure English ofcourse. They are English-Chinese. They carried the English ancestry but are still part Chinese and married pure Chinese women. My mother's side: 1. Her father (my maternal grandfather) is pure Chinese. 2. Her mother's (my maternal grandmother) great-grandmother is Filipino-Chinese. So my questions are: 1. What's my ethnicity? What am I? Should I refer to myself as Filipino-Chinese or just Chinese?? 2. What's my nationality? 3. Is it correct for me to say that I am Chinese with English ancestry and of English descent?


Your nationality is the country you hold a passport of Your ethnicity is personal to you, it is the customs, cultures. affilations and associations the language, YOU speak, the religion YOU beleive in, the food YOU eat, from the country YOU were born/brought up/lived in and YOUR family home YOUR ancestry from what you were told is mixed you would need to prove your ancestry to KNOW if it is true what you were told


Your nationality is whatever your passport says. Some people have more than one. Your ethnicity is the language and culture you were raised in. Some people have more than one. Your citizenship is whatever country's national elections you can vote in. If you don't speak a Chinese or Filippino language there's no point in identifying as Chinese or Filippino