How common a surname is "Godfrey" in England, Ireland or Scotland? is this a mostly "British" surname or other? where originates?

what does it mean?


Old French language name Godefroy, composed of the elements: the first being either god ("god") or gōd ("good"); the second being fred ("peace"). The name was brought to England by settlers from Normandy, the Low Countries, and France, 1000 yrs ago...... not a common surname ( in my experience) a couple of kids when I was in school had this surname and I have come across a few people with it during my working life. It is both a personal and surname and I have known one person using it as a first name

Ted Pack

I can't help you with the frequency. Here's where it originated. Godfrey Name Meaning 1) English: from the Norman personal name Godefrei, Godefroi(s), composed of the Germanic elements god, got ‘god’ + frid(u), fred ‘peace’. See also Jeffrey. 2) Americanized form of Irish Mac Gothraidh or Ó Gothraidh, patronymics from the Irish equivalent of Godfrey (see 1 above), borrowed from the Vikings. 3) Americanized form of the French surname Godefroi, of the same origin as 1. Source: Dictionary of American Family Names ©2013, Oxford University Press