How did the number of German & Scandinavian immigrants to the USA in the 1800s compare to the number of Ulster Scots that came in 1700s?

which states did they mostly settle in? and why? how compared to where the ulster scots mostly settled? where mostly in Germany they came from too? why?


Germans and Scandinavians originally settled mostly in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Ulster Scots crossed the mountains and settled in the western parts of North Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania (the people whom ignorant bigots ridicule as dumb "hillbillies"). The planters and early arrivals claimed the lands along the coast and close interior. The Scots Irish (Ulster Scots) went farther inland. In the 19th century, Northern Europeans ventured farther afield, to the Upper Midwest and Great Plains, like Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota. Ohio and Illinois received many German immigrants. In the late 1800s, Germans and others settled in big industrial cities, as well, seeking jobs and opening businesses.