I am looking for my possible grandmother who would have died 01/01/1932. She died given birth to my father who I found out was adopted...?

after he passed away. I've learned that my father was raised by distant family and I'm not sure if he even knew. We were never told. I am trying to find more info on her. There is nothing on her at all on Ancestry. I think she was on one census record, but it was after 01/01/1932, so I'm not sure if she died or she was the one who adopted my father or somebody lied on the census. Luerenia Daniels DOD 01/01/1932 (Maybe) African American or Mulatto possible born in GA.


I would try DNA testing, your are go about research with if's, but's, guesses and maybe's which is not researching at all. I would attempt to locate her death records, but 1932 all states were required to maintain records on deaths, births and marriages. You might be able to locate a death record for her and a birth record for your father.


Get a copy of your fathers brth certificate, on it will be his parents names, if he was legally adopted then he will have an adoption certificate and there is an adoption record, depending on the law with regrds to adoption records where you live will depend on if you can apply and get your fathers adoption files opened or not......making guesses and ancestry.com will not help you at all, you need to do basic research and target real records to find out anything

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She would have been so proud............