Is it true that your average Hispanic person has more diversity within their DNA than the entire continent of Europe?



Your statement is utterly nonsensical and shows that you have no idea what you are talking about. If genetic diversity means anything at all, it refers to how much differentiation there is across an entire population. How can "diversity" exist within a single individual? His DNA is his DNA. Either you are deliberately trolling, or you overestimate your own IQ by at least 50 points and should go back to eating paste.

Sunday Crone

1. Hispanic people have European ancestry (DNA) 2. There are no statistics on the numbers to compare wto.


Most Hispanics are a combination of the Caucasian,Amerindian and Africoid races.Some Hispanics are also have Asian or other ancestries. Hispanics are known as La Raza Cosmica (The Cosmic race) because the majority are multiracial,from races across the world

Mick Rogers

If Europe is so non-diverse, why do the left want to model the US after it?


Hispanic people have European DNA


Not true


no, but thanks for caring enough to ask


I doubt it but they do have a lot.


I doubt it.


Why would anyone other than a racist care?

Big One 0909

If by "Hispanic" you mean Spanish Speking people of the Americas, then yes. And SO WHAT ?What conclusions are you drawing from it? Anjd isn't it RACISM to do so?

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Not sure call 23 AND ME


Latinx are descended from all over the world, so, YES. While America limited immigration from Asia and other non-Anglo-Saxon lands, Chile and other south of the border countries didn't.