What is the best Ancestry DNA test kit on Amazon?

Hello. I was curious to know what is the best ancestry DNA test kit on Amazon for Asian people like myself? A little bit about myself, I was born in Japan, but adopted and raised in the U.S. so I never knew my Japanese birthparents. I would like to know if I have any other ethnicitic dna besides Japanese. That’s where my question comes in. I have heard that 23and Me and Ancestry DNA brand kits are good, but not for Asians like myself. As I’ve heard they are somewhat bland in which Asian countries they specify. Any DNA kits that you guys can recommend for me? Thanks!

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Asian people are too smart to spend money with such nonsense; they tell you enough to keep it interesting


A serious DNA- "ancestry"- test will give you results in chromosomes rather than in percentages. There is no DNA for ethnicity or nationality. All there is are chromosomes with mutations (DNA-copying typo's) virtualy identical to yours, indicating shared ancestors. Usually those ancestors have been gone a long time. SOME companies offer bringing you in contact with close relatives if you allow them to. If you use one of those, they may be able to connect you to someone suspected to be your cousin (the DNA of all parents/children involved would be necessary to get proof)


All and any are sold to entertain you, so it doesn't make any difference what you use to entertain yourself........... there is only one way to find who your ancestors were and where they came from and that is to research real records