Did Ireland ever oppress other people like England did with her empire from the Elizabethan era to 1945?



No because the British conquered them first. That’s how it was in those days I’m afraid


No but they were bad we had to take over like two thirds of the world


Wasn't much different to Britain to be honest,though much more of a haven for piracy and lawlessness


Yes. The Gaelic speaking population of Scotland results from Irish invasions. They also had colonies along the coast of West Wales. In more recent times, the Irish sea captains operating a cabal out of Northern France had a near monopoly on the transatlantic slave trade, and the coloured populations of North and South America generally arrived there via their boats.

The Lord Humungus.

Every chance they got. They were mostly pirates and weren't an actual single country till they were conquered by England. Like India, Ireland only exists because it was part of the empire. Before the Brits showed up it was just a jumble of brutal kings and pirates.