Did Martin L. King's dream come true?



MLK accommodated the government. You might even say that he was bought with the promise of government assistance in exchange for easing protests and demands. I think King basically sold a lot of freedom in exchange for material goods in the form of welfare. Rather than his people being "free at last," King shackled them even more to government. Malcolm X had the right idea when he originally said the black man should not seek the white man's involvement. He warned about the very welfare that was the result of King's accommodation. Malcolm X was, in a sense, right about labeling the white man as "the devil." The white man simply gave money to the black man to shut him up. Malcolm X is often vilified in school texts, but the state of black America in 2019 shows he was vindicated.

Supreme Thoughts

He'd be proud of today, things got better. And it's Jr.


Not quite. Not sure it'll ever come true completely. It's the "Impossible Dream."


Not yet.