Does it make sense to say "it's a city of historical landmark" when expressing there are a lot of historical landmarks in that city?


The Lord Humungus.



No, you say " this is a city with a lot of historical landmarks." even better if you name the city at the beginning of the sentence.

Mr. Smartypants

It's a city of historical landmarks. Many landmarks, plural. But other than that, yes. Some cities have lots of historical landmarks.


"it's a city of historical landmarkS"


A landmark is literally something visible from a distance which enables you to orientate yourself. Did you mean 'full of historical buildings? or sites?'


No. Better, "With many historical landmarks, it is very historical city.

Sir Caustic

Yes, that's right. You're absolutely correct. Spot on. But, technically, a better way to say it would be: "it were an city of historicalacious landmarkidity". Hope this helped.