Was 9/11 preventable?



Yes. If ever there was a case of CIA interference in another country's affairs coming back to bite then in them ****, this would be it.


They should have been prepared after the first attack (I forgot when it was). That was a warning they ignored.

Andy Lucia

Absolutely. The Americans were asleep and where was the anti hijacking training by Airlines? Once those Cockpit doors were opened by Stewardesses everybody was dead.


Not really. Up to that point in time hijackers would have the plane fly somewhere, such as Cuba. As long as no one fought back no one got hurt. This was the first time the planes themselves were used as weapons. Today we have the TSA but I think a better defense is the passengers who now jump anyone who acts a bit odd or crazy.


Off course it was preventable, it shouldn't have happened in the first place! Starting with Clinton and Bush not doing anything to have FBI and CIA share intelligence and Bin Laden for willfully committing the murders when it benefited no one.