Will Mexicans give their country back to the Aztecs, apologize for making them slaves, admit that Cortes was a killer, and go back to Spain?



Land doesn't belong to anybody. It belongs to the people who are powerful enough to take and to retain it. The Americas did not belong to the indigenous peoples who were displaced by Europeans. The Europeans successfully defeated the indigenous inhabitants and proceeded to occupy the land themselves. It's something that has transpired since the beginning of time. The United States occupied and annexed a vast swathe of North America, the Hawaiian Islands, and various territories in the Caribbean and the Pacific. It's no different from what other modern nations in the New World have done. The Aztecs of Mexico likely displaced people who had occupied parts of Mexico before they came along, and they likely occupied and annexed neighbouring territories by force. Should the people of Portugal, Spain and France return their countries to the Romans? Should the Balkans be returned to the Turks? It's a laughably ridiculous suggestion to say that just because someone once lived somewhere that they ought to hold a perpetual claim to that territory.


They won't but they could


Wouldn’t the Aztecs in turn have to apologize to their neighbors for enslaving and sacrificing them?


No they won't. Next.