I think I might be going deaf. What should I listen to while I can?



If you "think" you're going deaf, PLEASE seek professional help---an otolaryngologist (A physician who specializes in ear, nose and throat problems), or at least an audiologist. Your problem can be diagnosed and improved, if not corrected. I have a moderate hearing loss and wear hearing aids. They're not perfect, but they help a lot! Don't be afraid. Knowledge is power.


Voices of the people you love. Birds. I'm about 3/4 of the way deaf and sometimes on a good day I can still hear birds.

Sunday Crone

I would have my hearing tested to find out what is happening.


Kids in the park Birds singing, geese migrating, grackles in a tree Classical music- live, not on video Trains and planes and automobiles Champagne opening Beer opening Sleigh bells Baby puppies


Ask God in your head to come into your life and to heal you. Next, repeat out loud: "In the name of Jesus, Deaf and Dumb Spirit, leave me now, be cast into the pit of hell."