One day Harry Potter went on an adventure.?

One day Harry Potter went on an adventure. He walked out his house and down the sidewalk next to his house.There was a dirt trail that he began to joyfully walk across. The trail was surrounded by a field of green grass with a few flowers. It was quite scenic :) Harry Potter looked ahead and saw a mountain about a mile away and a trail leading to it. He then decided to walk next to the mountain. The mountain had several boulders on its slopes as well as on its summit. At the top of the mountain, one of the boulders was perched in an unstable position. When Harry Potter arrived at the trail next to the mountain, the wind picked up speed. The boulder moved a little, and then started falling down the slope of the mountain. The boulder continued to roll down the mountain. Harry heard a noise increasing in volume but thought nothing of it. He just kept his eyes forward and kept walking. Moments later, the boulder hit Harry before he could get out of the way. Ouch!! He lay there in agonizing pain..... The next morning, Hermione and Ron invited Harry to go play Quidditch with them. They left him a voice mail in his bedroom phone. He came out of his house a few minutes later. He was wearing 27 bandaids and had casts on both of his arms and legs and was in a wheel chair. He arrived Quidditch field moments later. He needed to be flying on a broom. Snape helped Harry out of his wheel chair onto the broom. After hours of Quidditch, Harry won the game.


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Do you understand what a question is?


A small child might think this is a good story - but as you must be 13 or older to use this site, I have to tell you that it's very babyish, poorly written and not even remotely interesting.


…….And started riding his wheel chair back to the mountain hoping more boulders will fall on him cause he likes pain. and freaky accidents cause he has brain damage now and is thinking crazier then before the accident


then Harry woke up and realized it was a dream