Can anyone recommend a decent acoustic guitar? like a link or something. im not familiar with pricing on them, so whatever is best, send em?



What is your experience level and your budget? It's impossible to recommend one without knowing that. Don't forget to disappear and not respond to our questions like everyone else.

Tony B

If you want useful recommendations you need to tell us: What kind of "acoustic guitar" - steel or nylon strings? Your budget - "decent" acoustic guitar could cost anything from £200 to £10,000. What country you are in - there's no point in me recommending an acoustic guitar available in the UK if you're in America or Australia. Added, I see you're going to ignore all these requests for more information so we can help you. What was the point in posting the question?

mars: Acoustic mags say Alvarez about $350. https

Acoustic mags say Alvarez about $350.


What kind of music are you planning to play? It makes a difference. I have an Amalio Bourget flamenco guitar for classical, klezmer and folk, a Celtic Cross resophomic for blues and jazz and a Guild dreadnaught cutaway for bluegrass and country. I am not much on rock and have no electric. If you want a good general guitar for every purpose you might want to look at a Taylor. They are not as expensive as mine but still play well and are good enough not to tear your hands up while you learn.