Clarinet doubling on sax?

Currently, I have been playing clarinet for 4 years, and I would describe myself as good, earning a spot in honor band and third chair in class. But lately I was thinking of trying alto sax over the summer, because I’ve heard it isn’t too difficult to transition if you know clarinet well (mostly embouchure is the biggest issue apparently), and I have parents willing to let me rent one and friends who play alto who want to teach me. But I also want to focus on the clarinet as I’ll be doing it in band and marching band likely (and focusing on piano in jazz band since i’ve been playing that for quite a long time ) but at the moment, I don’t know if transitioning would be good for me, and where to start. Thanks for tips.


I am a pro flutust and teacher since 1973. I am glad to see you are thoughtful about this - but clarinet to Alto sax is fine! Now, if you are ever playing in a jazz band someday, and have to switch from BARI to clarinet, that will feel odd for a minute - I try not to switch from piccolo to bass flute. And i VERY STRONGLY advise you to not use a neckstrap, but get a sax harness. The removal of that weight from your neck/spine nerves will keep your fingers from ever going numb.. yeah . . .it can happen. Good luck!