I want to start learning guitar. Should I start with acoustic, classical, or requinto? Also, what cheaper guitars are decent for beginners?



[Ignore John's and Anonymous's responses. They don't know what they're talking about.] Just to set things straight, what you're calling acoustic guitars are actually steel string flattop guitars. Which guitar you start with depends entirely on the music that you want to play. Classical guitars are used primarily, almost exclusively, for playing classical music. If you're not interested in playing classical music don't buy a classical guitar. Steel string acoustic guitars are much more versatile since they can be used for pop, rock, folk, bluegrass, blues, country, and more. For most people they are are the best choice. I recommend the Yamaha FS800 as the best all around beginners' steel string guitar. I know virtually nothing about requinto guitars but I believe they're used for Mexican and other music from Hispanic nations. If that's what your musical interests are then you can start with one.

amy lynn: Read this article. It might help. https

Read this article. It might help. https://www.dawsons.co.uk/blog/classical-vs-acoustic-guitars-right Also, do not pick requinto. It is actually tuned differently than acoustic or classical guitars.


Classical guitars ARE acoustic. They also tend to be easier on the fingers for beginners than instruments with steel strings.


Acoustic guitars for an all-round purpose, riff, rythm etc. requinto and classical are almost the same and they're more for hardcore hispanic riffing like what you usually see in bars or mexican mariachi. as for sounds: acoustics are much cleaner(steel/iron strings) while the 2 are smoother because of the nylon strings. the fret: acoustic can be less wider and can have a slightly curved fret board for an cleaner sound when you use barred chords. The two don't have (never had) curved fret boards and a wider diameter so it's harder to make barred chords because like I said they're mostly meant for riffing. edit: also forgot that in nylon strings that sliding sound when you slide your finger along the string can't be heard unlike the metal strings.