Should I be an artist?? not convincing enough with my talent. trumpets and keyboards and guitars and bass. so many bullshit artist today?



Perhaps learn English first?

Sir Caustic

Well, writing's out.................


You keep posting. Unless you have a total control of your skills, a wide knowledge of music, and a way to get personal representation in most areas of music - this will be very very hard to do.


Having doubts in your creative abilities is most likely a result of a deficient throat chakra which has to do with expression through communication and creativity. Saying that you can’t draw or paint or write or play and instrument etc is just denying yourself the time and passion that is needed in order to learn these arts and excel at them. Learn to love your art what ever form it may be in


You should be a track star specializing in the javelin catch.

Mmm J: Maybe... but Step 1

Maybe... but Step 1: it is about the art - not a competition between artists. Calling another a "bullshit artist" says you are in competition mode. So... there's that...