Should I do a "Dance through the Decades" dance routine for my talent in a scholarship pageant?

I ll be participating in Miss Latina scholarship pageant this year at my university, but unfortunately I have no talent so I m compelty lost with what to do for the talent portion. So, I was thinking of doing a dance routine where I would dance (by myself) the famous dances of each decade (1920-Present). During the dance I ll be changing clothes/adding props while on stage. Is this a dumb idea? Do you think the audience will find it to be boring and cringy or will they think it s funny and unique? Please be honest and if you have any better ideas please don t hesitate to leave a comment! Thanks!


I would make sure that the changes can be done onstage and very quickly, would you have someone hand you the props or just have them onstage and pick them up. I would try to either layer the costumes or find a way to merge them so it's a quick reveal. I would also try to narrow down how many different styles, especially if you aren't a serious dancer, you will want to keep it simple and easy so it looks clean and neat.

Pearl L

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