Should I file the nut on my Gibson Les Paul Traditional? The g string nut slot is lower than the b and e.?

I want to make the b and e nut slots a bit closer to the g nut height.

Tony B

If you're SURE that some of the slots aren't deep enough, you have a set of nut files and, most importantly, you know what you're doing and have the necessary skill and experience then I'd say yes. Otherwise, leave it alone.


Listen to Tony B. Don t fix it if it ain t broke, and be sure you know what you re doing before touching anything. ****Has it occurred to you that the G slot may be too low, rather than the other way around? **** Unlike some economy brands, if you have a true Gibson, the slots were checked and adjusted before it left the factory. That said, factory setups are sometimes conservative and can be improved on. Ideally, the nut performs like a fret. In other words, the fret slots can be filed down to the exact height of a fret. In fact, I have guitars that actually have a "zero fret" in front of the nut. Before filing anything, take careful measurement. Use some feeler gauges, to establish the height of the first fret. Check that against the nut slots. All the slots can come down to this level...but not below it. You ll notice that the slots are gauged....wider for the low strings and narrow for the high strings. You ll need files that are the appropriate width. Be conservative, if you file too low, the strings will buzz. Then you re looking at a shoddy fix with baking soda and Krazy Glue, or a new nut.


You can, as long as you don't get them too low !