Can you have natalism without the right to die and call it a fair system?

Natalism = procreation. None of us asked to be born. Many of us can’t handle it. So why does our society consider it “ok” to reproduce but then forces us to suffer until we die of natural causes or kill ourselves because we can’t take it anymore? Afterall, we are all headed to either a grave or an urn. Why is it so important that we are alive for this bleep of a bleep of a bleep of a bleep in time? Didn’t have any problems floating around as little bits of stardust. Won’t have any problems once we are dead.

Mr. Interesting

Who, exactly, is forcing you or anyone else to live?


I would call this whining, but that would be unfair. You can't handle the fact that you were born? Well, that's sad, but you can't blame nature (it's nature that demands reproduction; society is just acting on behalf of nature) for reproduction. That would be like saying human beings shouldn't exist, and I know very few people who say that. Yes, we are all headed for a grave, but that doesn't mean that the journey was a waste of time. Why would it? Let's say I walk from Baltimore to Nome Alaska, Along the way I have all kinds of adventures and meet all kinds of people. Is that trip worthless just because it ends in Nome? It's the journey that counts, not the fact that it has a time limit. You need to find a way to give your life meaning. That's what I challenge you to do.


Evidentually yes, and life doesn't HAVE to be fair


The world has always been like this. People who have accepted and endured live to death. People who cannot accept and endure commit suicide. Moreover, many problems that cannot be solved in reality can only be permanently terminated by death.


hey, just a few billion more and we may just end ("higher") life on the planet. how fair would that be?


You are not an atomised individual, you are a part of society. That means you do not get to live just according to what suits your own moods and whims. You are subject to higher responsibilities - to society, to the moral law, and ultimately to God.


Some are more "asking" to be born than others. The process is begun at less-dense levels (for the great majority), and inasmuch as the soul-initiative has elected to comport with Truth, Life, and Love, there is embodiment. It is important to note that, much as in out-of-body travel, lucid dreaming, and ordinary dreaming, that levels and layers of typically-increasing density tend to obscure the higher clarity of election so precious to the lifestream. The right to live includes the awareness that births are ordained. For a perspective different from yours re "fairness," you could read The Path of the Higher Self.


I beg your pardon but I'm all right with my life and the reason is because I put the focus on serving God. He has promised to take care of all who put him first in their lives. (Matthew 6:33, 34) “Keep on, then, seeking first the Kingdom and his righteousness, and all these other things will be added to you. 34 So never be anxious about the next day, for the next day will have its own anxieties. Each day has enough of its own troubles." Jehovah can easily anticipate our individual needs regarding food, clothing, and shelter, even before we become aware of them. (Phil. 4:19) He knows which piece of our clothing will wear out next. He knows what our dietary requirements are and what would be adequate shelter for us, given the size of our family. Jehovah will see to it that we have what we really need. Not only that, he has guaranteed a wonderful future for obedient servants, one in which pain, suffering, death and crime are eliminated from the earth by means of his heavenly Kingdom under Christ. (Daniel 2:44; Psalms 37:10,11; Isaiah 65:21-25; Acts 24:15))


You are confusing society with the State. Aren’t you part of society?