Is this correct?

The only thing we are to do in life is get a job, and get our driver's license, and EVERYTHING else in life can be ignored. The only thing there is to life is getting a job and getting your driver's license. (Nothing more in life, nothing less in life). Is that correct?


Perhaps to someone who lacks creativity, imagination and curiosity.

Jimmy C

Totally correct, Forrest.

Sir Caustic




Shahid: It all begins with a goat

It all begins with a goat: the rope to tie it with, the place to keep it in, the grass to feed it, and then, the milk it gives, would need a pot to hold in, the fire to boil on, the tea bags, the cups, the porcelain, the table and the dinner, the household and the guests, now, so much depends on it, the goat is the source of civilisation. The world revolves around the goat, it did for thousands of years of human domesticity and dwelling. Why would you ever need a driving licence, if not buy or hire a vehicle, if not get it passed as roadworthy and pay the taxes, pay for its petrol and the maintenance? Then, once you have your licence and the wheels then would you not be going around the neighbourhood, to supermarkets and to all the places, gliding through to the city roads, and to conurbations further beyond. You have with the acquisition of a driving licence effectively said goodbye to walking, to public transport, and to your original stamping ground. You are no longer local, but regional. Then, you get a job? But why would you need a job? If not to use that car to drive to work and drive back home, if not earn money and spend it on you, to your family and on the car, if not to buy and better place to keep your goat, better security to keep it safe, better food so you may have more milk, so you may arrange a better dinner table for your household, and for the guests, so you may become a better person. You are now the breadwinner, the giver, and now, you make the world revolve around you. It might begin with a goat but it ends in a man that is strong, caring and free, and truly alive.