Relativism versus the idea of there being a true north or right and wrong.?

What about personal idealist biases that could get in the way of an objective answer, how do we overcome those?

Prasad: Moral Relativism

Moral Relativism: Limitations and Failings

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The Challenge of Relativism - Its Nature and Limits


Relativism, by it's very nature, is focused on belief. It's true to a point but to dismiss the concept of objective truth entirely misses large factual areas of existance How far do you consider relativity vs commonality? Animals experience hunger and fear in the same way as humans. Across cultures and societies humans experience the same emotions. It's only the consequences of these experiences which are relative Right and wrong are not absolutes. They are concepts appropriate to relativism. Objective truth is absolute truth, our perception is subjective truth. It's only when we filter down to the interpretation of subjective truth in social and cultural terms that we enter the perview of relativism

Shiksa Genius

The almost unanimous answer of the Western Civilization is, You gain light by following the light you have. You might have a faulty conscience but you must obey it. And the first rule of conscience is : INFORM YOUR CONSCIENCE.


For those who claim there are no absolutes.... are they absolutely sure? If they say yes, then they agree that absolutes exist. If rights and wrongs don't exist, and if truth cannot be ascertained nor discovered... then anyone who goes to school or trains for anything hoping to learn anything are fools who waste their time and money. Detectives need to discover evidences that help them to ascertain the truth. There are truths built into the fabric of creation, even natural laws, and intelligent systems, from trees, to human bodies, to the ecosystem ... it is intelligently designed.