When the universe ends, will everything mean nothing?



When it’s gone, it’s gone. Is there meaning in anything if there’s no one around to philosophise over it, and does it mattter? I don’t suppose the universe cares one way or another how we feel about things. We’re just passengers.


Meaning exists within minds. I don't think the universe begins, or ends; it only changes. It may very well change into a place where no minds exist, and if no minds exist, no meaning will exist, but if no meaning exists, how can everything mean nothing? How could anything mean anything?


Yes in a sense.but only when everything ends. That doesn't lead to conclusion necessarily that nothing means anything right now. And Universe may never end,


No. Meaning is made in the present, not the past. It is made in the doing. The end of the universe cannot undo what was meaningful.

Lapiz Dominoes

Cannot say; there`ll be no - one to know!


Everything means nothing right now. But, yes, everything would mean nothing if the universe ends.


Nailed it.


Pretty much. Why, you figured out something grand?


the universe will not end for a very long time. 10^100 + years that is a 1 wieth 100 zeros after it. you will be long dead and will not care


No, the heat death of the universe means that there will be no transfer of heat from one place to another and entropy will cease. It doesn't mean there will be nothing. Space and time will still exist.

Maximus Williamitis

Everything does not need a 'meaning'; as, everything just 'is'.


There could still be a legacy

Zulcan The Great.

The universe will never end as it is always expanding.




You mean, when our universe finally reaches the surface of the ocean it has bubbled up from the deeper depths of the mud below it? It will burst like a bubble and release its contents into the softer air of the heavens where we will continue to rise as spirits escaping a universe no longer capable of being our home. And like turtles that have to find their way to the sea, some of us make but most don't.


I don't think that there is an end to universe.


Everything already means nothing


Life goes on bonded by love? Lol no.


Nothing means anything now. It just exists.


yes... and vice-versa.

Jeffrey K

Yes. In fact, everything means nothing now. Only people try to put meaning in things.


The universe will not end. Rather than forecasting a nuclear holocaust or similar disintegration of the material universe, including planet Earth, the Bible teaches us that it is the wicked system of things on earth that will be brought to a sudden end. This includes all forms of corruption, falsehood, and hypocrisy now existing, whether it is political, commercial, or religious. All degradation and immorality, all wickedness, and all godless humans existing on earth at that time will be forcibly removed. Thus the world that the Bible so definitely says will be destroyed is the world of mankind that is not doing the will of God. “As regards the wicked, they will be cut off from the very earth; and as for the treacherous, they will be torn away from it.” (Proverbs 2:22)

HeLovesUsAll: “...no lie is of the truth.” (1John 2:21)

“...no lie is of the truth.” (1John 2:21) :-)


The consensus is that there is no such thing as nothing. Space, even deep space, probably consists for quantum fields that fluctuate continually into and out of space.time. The most popular WAG on the end of our universe is that billions of years from now it will simply rejoin the meta-universe from which it came with the big bang. In other words our global universe will become a part of the meta universe which consists of high entropy quantum fields.


The Universe is not going to end. It goes on forever. BUT the Earth will End. In About 4.5 Billion Years our sun will run out of Hydrogen and start fusing Helium. When that happens the Sun will Expand into a Red Giant and destroy the Earth. Everything we do here on Earth has no meaning at all. Unless we find a new place to live.