Why are you so mean? Why do you think you know more about life than philosophers?

Why do you think you're so smart?


Do I think I know more than some philosophers of past times? Yeah. Not because I'm better/smarter than them or anything like that. It's just because I live in a more advanced era that has access to deeper understanding of how the world works. It's the privilege of time

the internet

What makes you assume that philosophers are correct?


In some respects, I MUST know more than them.

🤔 Jay

Philosophers can be full of poo poo. Philosophy is the quest of knowledge. Not a database. Philosophy is very general and abstract and unscientific.


Philosophers are no smarter than anyone else.


Because I got an iq of 24


What makes you think philosophers know about life? I post answers on here without saying one way or the other if other people have better answers, I don't care if they do when most of it is just speculation. You need to find your own answers, which is the real goal that you'll have to do eventually.


Those who are so arrogant are unlikely to answer this. Others may think this question assumes something that isn't true and does not deserve a reply.


Only the real philosophers know that they don't know. They question everything.


which philosophers ?if your on about the ones from 1000s of years ago. Then everyone knows more than them. I mean they didnt even know germs existed. And thats just one of 1000s bits of knowledge they didnt know about


No disrespect to philosophy and philosophers, but many not in such profession have spent their lives by living it, whilst philosophers spent theirs studying it.

Maximus Williamitis

I am mean because I do not 'think' that I am smart. I 'know' I am. Yet: I still know nothing.

Joe Mac

Because philosophers know about philosophy not life.


I'm mean because you asked for it. And I never thought I know more about life than philosophers because I respect philosophers. Did you know that I wanted to become a philosopher when I grow up ever since I was in 7th grade? I was so interested in philosophy back then. Later, I changed my mind because I was fascinated in mathematics. But philosophy is a very deep subject to enjoy while you learn the stuffs. Because it's simply just beautiful and perfect. It makes you think harder about everything in our lives and how you view the world. This is why I love philosophy. And I still do.


surely, i must be smarter then one or two of them; give modern man some credit for learning from their ancestors, and from their ancestors mistakes. the development of modern philosophy is made on the ground of the past. even if the development of thought is not continuously progressing, that sometimes it deviates, it swirls, it eddys, need i say--digresses--, and like the ocean, even comes in waves and has rip-currents. needless to say, there is a lot of garbage thrown into the ocean, just like there is a lot of garbage in the history of philosophy. it would be a mistake to say that every philosophers or religious figure in history is correct. while history may not be always be "wise", or "right in truth"; of all of these things, we have the ability to "choose to do the wisest thing". so we have "savoir faire".



Mad Luv

i can be mean but that isn't my intentions i'm sure others think i'm mean but how is that my problem it's not my perceptive it's theirs. i do'nt know jack squat about live other than we are all connected. i feel the same about anyone in their prefession i'm not smart!


The Lucifer effects makes me evil no matter what i do.


I am not mean and what I know about life comes from God's word, the Bible. As for philosophers, I take God's view of them. (1 Corinthians 1:20) "Where is the wise man? Where is the scribe? Where is the debater of this system of things? Has not God made the wisdom of the world foolish?"


1) I'm a bit of a smartass 2) Why would philosophers know more about life than any one else? I admit to being anti-philosophy since 99% of it seems to be painfully trite and obvious or useless. 3) Ph.D in theoretical physics.See 2)



A Nonny Mouse

Sorry, who're you talking to?

magix151: Mean

Mean: I have days where I just am. Philosophers: I don't think I know more. Smart: I know I'm smart. I have an eduction. I learned how to do things before the internet made education point-and-click.


I KNOW I am smarter the The Professor of Theological Philosophy William Lame Craig. In Fact, I know several 6 year old who are.




I dont think I know - I know I know How do I know? - cos I aint a philosopher thats how I dont pontificate about the whys and wherefores of life- I just get on and live it

God hates religion

Why would you want an answer from me when you’ve judged me so harshly? You will never know how kind I am until you put your biases aside. Sounds like you’ve been hurt, and I am sorry for that... but you shouldn’t lash out - we didn’t cause your pain, but we may have the answer to it.


Why are you so mean? People get cranky for a variety of reasons. Why do you think you know more about life than philosophers? Because philosophers ponder possibilities, many of which are not well reasoned and based on what one can "imagine". Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. Why do you think you're so smart? It actually happened backwards where too many people prove how ignorant they are. From my perspective, I grew up believing I was just average. It is dealing with others that made me understand I am quite a bit above average.


I am in great pain, sorry for my lack of manners. I fully accept I know very little of life, I regularly refer to academics for information. Some of my iq is retarded, so I ask for simple communications. Not sure you meant me, but here I am!