Why is Philosophy important?



According to my philosophy, nothing is important in the ultimate analysis..... that's why Philosophy is important as it leads to this true realization, and of course plenty of other such true realization as well.

Maximus Williamitis

It is not. Philosophy is only important to those who care; but, not in general.


It helps use explore our world.It does have applications in physics and computer science


Do you value the truth? The pursuit of truth IS philosophy. No matter what the subject of study is. Or the methods by which it is studied.

Cali d

Philosophy started everything. Nothing starts without thinking about it or philosophizing about it. Every science discovery and inventions can trace its roots to a philosophy.


depends on what kind of "philosophy" you are talking about. Most of what passes for philosophy is merely pseudo-intellectuals debating trivial concepts and impressing one another.


The right kind of philosophy is important. Philosophies are developed by humans who are imperfect: “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (Rom. 3:23) “There exists a way that is upright before a man, but the ways of death are the end of it afterward.” (Prov. 14:12) Because of such imperfection, human philosophies often reflect a basic selfishness that leads perhaps to momentary pleasure but also to frustration and much unhappiness. At 1 Corinthians 1:20 God expresses his view of man's wisdom, calling it foolish. Instead he has given us his word the Bible which provides the best wisdom because it is from God, himself.


“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.“ (Proverbs 4:7) :-)


Wise question.


Aside human work, philosophy is hygenic also to the continuous soul.


We need Philosophers to tell us when someone is trying to sell us a bag of bull***t.


If you consider reality as an unlit road on a dark night and we are the passengers on a bus, then philosophy is the light shining on the road ahead. Philosophers sit at the front of the bus shouting at the short sighted driver when they think they see a pot hole, or if he's getting too close to the edge of the precipice along which the bus is driving Perhaps I should also mention that the driver is rather hard of hearing ;)

peter m

Philosophy is important because of its clarification of the growth of CRITICALLY RATIONAL knowledge & its subsequent impact on humanity & its shared environment, its past & it's future - our only viable planet home here going-future-forward (not very far though, as some of you sassy-yahoo-ers may remember that this philosophy World Of Ours has just about ELEVEN years before our best science scholars et al..find where there is much more that we can do right here right now....)……….


The Most Important Reason to Study Philosophy http://blogs.lmu.edu/philosophy/the-most-important-reason-to-study-philosophy/the-most-important-reason-to-study-philosophy/ https://thoughteconomics.com/the-role-of-philosophy-in-life/ https://maartens.home.xs4all.nl/philosophy/why_philosophy_is_important.htm


Philosophy teaches you how to keep in control both overwhelming joy and sorrow. A well learnt philosophical mind never loses control out of overwhelming joy and never falls out of big sorrow. Even endless sorrows never shake these people. Philosophy gives great ideas to live a life peacefully and happily. But the philosophy without spirituality cannot attain the completeness. There are lot of things to know about spirits. Spirits are everything to human beings. All creatures including human beings are ruled by spirits. All human beings are just robots made of flesh and bones and toys of the spirits for their games.


In order to learn what life is about, its purpose and how and why we know what we know an why society works/ does not work in a certain way


It's the first step to realizing God, which is the purpose of Everything and why Everything exists.


It holds the theorem of life in front of you.


Philosophy, or thinking for yourself about how to better yourself, is important for that reason: examining your life ---> better life. In that, philosophy is like John McDowell's and Socrates'. One part of philosophy is better understanding one's thoughts, why there is something, is God?, do I have a soul?, etc. Another part of philosophy is understanding love, lovingkindness, beauty, and the like. There are philosophies of sports, arts, cooking, and so on. Semi-related: "The Slightest Philosophy;" "Understanding Yourself" by Mark Prophet; "For Couples Only."


To make value in communication !

All hat

It's kind of like when the urge hits from time to time to really dig in and learn about computer skills. Many of us bump along on the surface, not really know how to set up networks or use the more sophisticated features of our computers. Many of us have to get a kid to program our TV clicker! Someone should go into the kid-rental business - they'd get rich. So once in a while we'll get a book, networking for Dummies or something, and dig in for a weekend or two to try and catch up, learn about how it all really works. Philosophy is like that for human affairs. What is knowledge, really? How are we fooled? How can we tell? What really motivates people and why do we feel what we do - things like that. It's interesting and useful - if you are interested. We aren't, always, but that's its utility.


Hey. That's me. My name is Phil Osophy. I am very important. I am the CEO of a very important business.


It's NOT - because EVERYBODY has a philosophy. This was pointed out by Aristotle, who said (and I merely paraphrase here, of course): "If you think philosophy is crap, well, that's YOUR philosophy!" Cheers. +++++


So all the people too dumb to do physics can have an interest.