Does performing spoken word/poetry require talent?

and charisma?

Lapiz Dominoes

It requires the guts to persevere, to increase one`s vocabulary and without showing it, to know when not to take oneself too seriously - the last can enable one to just forge on lightly past an error thereby helping not to embarrass your audience as well. As you gain confidence the total attention from your audience will enable you to acquire, `charisma (yes, it`s true!) so good luck and maybe initially at least, some allies in the stalls to help elevate and kick off some positive delight , which is contagious.


Yes, just like any other kind of performance.


yes it does. but training can help


I feel like nothing in the world really requires talent! Anything can be done with enough practice and passion! Just do your best, believe in yourself, and have fun bud!


It should but sadly it doesn’t.