Is it necessary for you to be in Love , in order to Do poetry . or listen to poetry or admire poetry ?



If it be Gods will. There’s a saying that kinda fits. It goes things that you have control over are your will, and things you don’t is Gods. So if you aren’t good at poetry it just might not be your calling in life. And there isn’t much you can do to change it.


No not necessary. But many emotions can be drawn from a piece of poetry, especially if you find a personal connection with the piece.


No.. Poetry utilizes any emotion. Anger, sadness, pain, hope, hopelessness.. Or interest.. The ebb and flow of the current, a sensuous kiss to my tranquility, beckons me to my vessel and I embark once again upon the open sea. I am weary of the wreckage of man which litters the marge; I’d rather hang from the gallows. -Audra Clyne. Inspired by gaming on a mud and joining a pirate guild.

Noah Thall



Or at least have been in love to understand what love is, which would help you understand romantic poetry.


nah broski you just have to be a pretentious English teacher that thinks every letter of a poem has a meaning to prove yourself as educated to a class of students that could give two shits


Love is not required/ to express yourself in rhyme/ with just a little effort/ you'll be inspired over time./