What can be added to this?

I fly high,but I die, Do not look inside, I lost my mind. Try to imagine peace,You can't, It's out of reach. SKITTZO.


I fly so high,but then I die, Don't look inside, I've lost my mind. Try to imagine peace, You can't, It's out of reach. Like God and all His angels Who hide like they're not there When they're forever here.


Never was a war won In the eyes of the dead I can't think of anything else.


Peace dwells in every pretty brook. Whispers of war are written in the book yet please think again? Yes, take another look ... Aftermath is asking, "Am I just a sook?" Crying and buying to cover ones pain. Serenity replies ... "Now who shall we blame?" Our greed and our land and fight in God's name! Sunshine beams brightly, insane or all in vain. Hold hands for humanity, seeds become fruit. Branches of wisdom with one deep seated root. Quietly it breathes as we call peace "cute" Evolved into silence ... We gave waring the boot!


It can be. Help me. I need help fast.


I lost my ability to write bro SKITTZO, though I just posted an old poem of a couple years ago. If I could add to it, I would, and I pray I can write again, though I know I am but an average poet at best. Thomas