Will you analyze my poem called Reasons to Live?

Reasons to Live i. flight home, asleep, dreaming he untied his oily work boots, pulled hard as they came off and tumbled down the outdoor steps it was 2am, would she be waiting for him ? gently he inserted a shiny new key into the keyway to the deadbolt, before he rotated the clavis, what smelled so bad ? sheesh, his socks stank, but more chance of waking someone up with his feet so he left his socks on he should have showered before he left, but was afraid he'd miss his flight home Mattias's navel-gazing navigated from his olfaction to hoping his two little girls were sound asleep, to her, his love: now inside Mattias tip-toes down the hall, peaks in the girls bedroom. sound asleep. he can't wait for hugs and kisses in the morning but he quickly turns and slides, shuffles; almost slips on a newly polished hardwood floor. he'd get his wife real good for her chicane. looks askance, drop door is cracked open pitch black, almost trips on the sweep, then a crease of gloaming illumines through a slice in the faux wood blinds, a laser beyond the drape cuts through the opening and onto their king sized bed stunned, through the thin, loose weight of white sheets Mattias saw the cleft of her buttocks he wanted in right now not tomorrow, which is today, but this minute ii. five minutes to landing Mattias woke from his dream. no recall of the dream, but the blue balls and pained loins gave him a slight clue See continued.........


It is more like prose than poetry. Poetry leaves more to the imagination. You might consider it the beginning of a story instead of a poem.


You're on top form, God I'm gonna miss ya Mr T. And so is Stanley, right Stanley? RIGHT. ;-)


sounds like hes excited to see his wife after being away