How does the acting industry work?What if someone pretends he is you on social media and offends a moviestar?

To ruin your opportunities in the industry?


I don't believe that would ever happen. Not many move stars waste time on social media and they're all intelligent enough not to take any of the comments seriously.


Most movie stars are not the people doing the casting. They are just hired employees. The casting directors are the ones who hire people for the roles. If you insulted someone on social media, the star would not know who you are or what you look like. Odds are they would never know that you were someone who insulted them. Most stars are not on social media themselves. Their PR people handle most of what is posted. Odds are the actor will never know that you insulted them.


There are more fake than real celebrity accounts so nobody would believe it. They'd just assume it's a fake profile. Not to mention many celebs aren't on social media at all - their PR agency or management usually manages their social media profiles but the celebrity often doesn't even follow it


Many Of Actor were Get popular From Social Media Because Its Has Been Used From Many people In All Over World