I got cast in a musical, but hyped myself out of getting in? What should I do?

So for my high school's musical, we are doing Les Mis. But after the second day of auditions was over, I was getting a feeling from how the director was talking that I wouldn't be cast. She was talking about how there were so many freshman auditions that blew her away, and I'm a senior. She also talked about how this was her favorite show and she wanted this show to be out of the water. With this in mind, I started getting myself in the mindset of not being in the show, so I could get over the pain and enjoy my weekend instead of being disappointed. Turns out though, the cast list was posted and I got in the ensemble(not surprising since it's my first school musical). The problem is since I hyped myself out of it, I've moved on and I feel like conflicted about even wanting to do it at this point. Should I still do the show if I don't feel motivated?


Yes - do it. Just being part of a production is a wonderful experience. You'll regret it if you don't. Do it, put 100% into it and have a wonderful time.