I have a daughter and I want to know what is the best agency for acting and modeling in minneapolis, that s not a scam?



Acting and modelling are not connected. Acting is all about talent, modelling is all about physical appearance. How long has your daughter been training as an actor - that's the important thing. How old is she? The advice given for a six-year-old would be entirely different from the advice for a 17-year-old! But either way, your daughter's acting tutor should be able to tell you if she's ready for professional auditions and, if she is, how to identify a good agency.

Katrina E.

Depends. What’s “best” for one person may not be what's “best” for another person. If you’re looking for an agency that will get your kid “discovered” - there isn’t one because that’s not how the industry works. If your child is interested in acting, don’t worry about an agency at this point. Start with quality acting classes. Voice and dance lessons can be fun too. Have her audition for non-professional things like school plays, community theater and the like. While she does that, you research and learn the realities of the business. Scams and rip offs prey on families who don’t understand the business. It’s NOT that you just get an agent and they take care of everything. YOU need to understand the casting process, legal issues, marketing, networking and the like. Then you can make an informed decision about what’s best for your child. Some helpful websites: http://bizparentz.org/gettingstarted/justgettingstarted.html https://www.backstage.com


The only local opportunities for modeling in MPLS that are legit are for Target. Any "agencies" will likely be part of a "modeling school" and will take your $


send all the local agencies photos of her and see if any take the bait