Junie b jones audition?

so i’m auditioning for the musical junie b jones at my high school! and i’m going for the role of junie. i already fairly resemble her and i have a similar range that she does. but i’m having a hard time finding a song that really fits the concept and sound of the musical. so i need a childish sounding song from a BROADWAY MUSICAL. and no putnam county spelling bee stuff. that’s too overused.

Keira Davies

Pearl leder man


You could try 'My New Philosophy' from 'You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown'


'Food, Glorious Food' from 'Oliver.'


"When I Grow Up" from "Matilda the Musical". I'll look for the Junie B. Jones musical. My 11-year-old sixth grader devoured the books in kindergarten, first and second grades. (She read the kindergarten books in kindergarten, first grade in first grade and second grade in second grade. She went from first to second grade in one school year so it overlapped.) Matilda is one of her favorite books and was beside herself when my husband took her to the musical.

Sir Caustic

"The Ballad of the Putnam County Spelling Bee Blues".