Where are the most professional acting lessons in Atanta?

How about the ones producing the most successful students, which is the purpose of professional education the last I checked.


Seriously - you'll never make it as a professional actor if you can't figure out what acting classes to take or that you have some silly idea that you'll get discovered if you go to the "right" place. Get more specific. "Most successful"? How do you define success? Acting is an incredibly challenging career and actors define success for themselves. So figure out what YOU need not what other people need. Do the work and the research yourself. Don't expect other people to just give you an acting career because it won't happen.


What do you mean? The most professional? The location where the majority of classes are held? If you're just starting out, ask for recommendations at your nearest good community theatre. EDIT I see your Update - but what is the definition of 'successful'? Actually the purpose of education, and acting training, is to help each student reach the best of their ability and potential, point them in the right direction, teach them facts, techniques, methods, and make the most of their talent. Being 'successful' is largely down to the students to take what they learn at acting/drama school and apply it after they leave.


I'd help you, but you're being rude when people try to help and I'd just get a thumbs down. So FU, go help yourself.

Katrina E.

Depends on what you’re looking for. Scene study? Auditioning? On-camera? Cold Reading? Commercial acting? Improv? Voice/Vocal training? Body/Movement? Meisner, Method, Classical or other acting technique? What level? What teaching approach works best for you? Industry websites like Backstage.com often have a resources section that list acting classes by area. They also have articles about how to choose an acting program. You may want to check it out.


There aren't


It depends on what aspect of acting is being studied yes, but the one offering the most to non-professionals would be considered the best overall.