Ideas for my art project?

My class is supposed to make a collage with symbols that symbolizes us. I want too try something cool, but im not that creative. A girl is drawing a woman, and around the woman there is a really cool pattern, that symbolizes how she likes too swim. I didn’t want too copy her because I would rather be original.


Since we know nothing about you then how are we going to come up with an idea for you? Write down your interests, what you think defines you when somebody else describes you. Then collect images that represent that.




It all depends on what you are passionate about, give me some back ground and I may be able to help. Art is really about how you make it, if you just use some ones base then you will never be able to really exeed, As my art teacher would say, "it is about the message you receive from the art piece, not how good it looks. One of my favorite ways to get ideas is to corroborate with other art styles or designs you like and make it all into one. I wish you best of luck