Is this story about Michealangelo true?

It is a well-known fact that when artist Michealangelo painted the famous Sistine chapel he did not really want the assignment-he considered himself more of a sculptor than a painter and was "roped"into a job by the Pope.I heard the story that and first the didn't choose the creation of man as his first subject.As the story goes he and his assistants first painted a picture of the Apostles standing next to reach other.It was standard suject matter at the time and it took only several months to complete.Upon finishing the work,the artist rejected it as being mediocre and then started on the now-famous painting.Is there any truth to this story?


Probably not. He was commissioned by Pope Julius II to paint the apostles but then took the job on the basis that he could do the scheme that he wanted to do, ie the Creation and Fall.

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Yes, he thought painting was an inferior art to sculpture.