Ugly or pretty?

I uploaded 2 pictures to my Facebook, people liked the one with SC filter more than the one without a filter, unedited, does this just mean I’m ugly or something and don’t look good unless I’m using some edited SC filter and the real me unedited, no filter isn’t attractive?


I'm not sure what the SC filter does but I think it's safe to say it transforms the original into something which anybody could tell did not come OOC (out of camera) that way. Just because people on Facebook liked a processed image more than the original, is no way of judging your appearance. IMO a little bit of confidence accented with a smile is all a photo needs to be pretty. Good luck!


More people may like filters. If you are relying on social media for validation you are on the rocky road to insanity.


The ugliness concept is false. Our physical forms are irrelevant, God focusses on the soul.


What matter is nothing if there is not something else.


most picures of girls are ugly...but they usually look good in person


Take a photo of a Vogue supermodel. Next, add the SC filter to it. If most say that they like the one with the filter better than the one without, does that mean that the person is ugly in real life? Get over yourself. I know it's hard as teen, but you'll eventually mature and these things will seem childish to you. Just wait a'll come.


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