Why do people act deeply offended when I take their picture with my small pocket camera that I use to snap shots throughout the day?

Photography is a favorite hobby of mine & I always take pictures throughout the day with a small camera that I carry around in my pocket. (not one of those major ones, but a cheap small ones). FOR EXAMPLE , just yesterday I had hit a gas line accidently while digging up a tree stump and was taking pictures of the scene when the police and fire men showed up and they were all standing around looking at the area I cut and I was taking pictures and included them in one of the main shots and after I looked at the pictures and they were looking at me with just pure hatred nearly (or like I was deserving to be beaten to a pulp for my rudeness and audacity), but why? I know above is an extreme case, and I guess they maybe thought that I was like mocking them maybe ? (since I had cut a gas line and they had all run out there and I was doing it for a laugh maybe? or I don't know)...but even in normal cases...where I just am taking pictures out in public, AND NOT EVEN REALLY TAKING SOMEONES PICTURE, (they just happen to be in the scene I am taking a picture of)...they will look at me with a hateful look too, like I was just unbelievably rude)


In this PC world you need consent nowadays to take any pictures of other individuals.

All hat

Do you really not know? It's intrusive to have some stranger take your picture when you're not expecting it - like finding someone peering in your window or something.

Chris Brown

Its done without consent


You are not entitled to randomly take pictures of other people. Of course lots of us do it, and lots of people don't complain that it's happened, but you mustn't be surprised if, sometimes, it evokes a negative response and not only can you receive looks of hatred, you can also find yourself in legal difficulties. Always ask people if you can take pictures. It is not a right.


Lol probs cos you could of blown everyone up,not cos of your camera hobby.