Why should I invest in professional photography for my business?


Steve P

Poor photos scream poor, amateur business. Pretty simple and logical. You really should not have to be told such.


Not sure. What's your business? Simple, generic answer is that if a consumer is comparing to seemingly equal products but one is photographed very well while the other was taken with a smartphone under bad lighting conditions, the buyer is likely to go with the one that was better photographed. In general, bad photos give the impression that the business isn't professional, or worse, a scam. The reason for having good photography is the same reason you show up for a job interview wearing professional attire and not a T-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes.


Because you are, hopefully, trying to show the world that your company is also professional.

Vinegar Taster

No .


The asking of the question tells the world that you aren't ready (don't see the need) for quality work.