Am I ugly?

I want to know as I want to find love again. what could I do to make myself look attractive my mum said make up but that isn’t going to change nothing . and what clothes should I wear for spring and summer is Bandea dresses ok i don't wear anything short or cropped. Not judgmental comments please no negative feedback thanks .


You do not consider that 5 inches above the knees to be short? How old are you as the photo makes you look early 50's and that dress is to young for you. Cover up a little more, try makeup changes and dress however YOU damn well please as we do not know a thing about you from 1 photo as you can tell by my comments. One other thing when you plaster your pic and ask for ratings you do not get to then say do not judge me! In conclusion GET A LIFE and live it instead of trying to be perhaps something you are not for some man that might come along.


Everyone is their own worst critic. You're beautiful, you're just not confident! Surround yourself with things that make you happy and smile more---makeup doesn't cover an unhappy face. Smiling will brighten your face and draw people to you. Also remember that beauty isn't a particular face shape or hair color, it's what you make it to be.

Andy C

You don't want us to be judgmental but you want us to judge if you are ugly? First off, I can't see hour picture, but that wouldn't really tell me anything as my second point is that ugly is a behavior, not a look.

Fat Brian 🐄



Ok can someone please delete this comment . As I cannot I don’t want reply’s no more .


no your not


Beauty is only in the eyes of the holder and the best of luck.


Well the hair cut is not helping. But no. Really wouldn't call you ugly but I can't tell if you're in your 50s or just look older...