Are khaki and other colored joggers (not sweatpants) still in style for men?

I remember around 2014-2015 they were really in style and considered cool...What do guys wear now (other than sweatpants) bc I feel like they're not in style anymore..... Thanks for the answers.... I was specifically wondering if they are in style, not a discussion of what should or shouldn't be worn.


Joggers are not in style no more ( they look ridiculous I never wore them) anyways there is no more such thing as in style no more so you can wear what ever you want


you need to wear what you find comfortable wearing


You mean some people actually care what a person jogs in?? Wear what ever is comfortable.


Most men have a brain and wear what they want to or need to. They don't worry about styling or profiling, which is a MOSTLY gay thing.