Can chunky girls wear body con dresses and still look good?

I am 5’6” and 210 pounds and I bought a body con dress for a school thing but I have unhideable belly fat that is visible through the dress, is it okay to still wear it?


Thick girls look far better in bodycon than skinny girls


yeah sure! if you wanna rock the look go for it! your decision !




You are the one wearing it. I don’t think you would have bought it if you cared about your fat showing.


yes they can and they should if they want too


I am suppose to say it's fine, don;t worry about it, own what you have and all that jazz. But the reality is, certain styles and such do not look good on certain body types and such. But, there are styles that can fit ones body type, regardless of what it is. I believe one should dress in a style that fits their body, if they do not like it, then change their body. I am no longer hot, fit, whatever one wishes to call it. Got that stereotypical middle age belly going on. I have not taken my shirt off in public since I lost my definition. Good thing to actually, becouse now the sun damage is showing up. Thing is, no one wants to see my belly, i certainly don't.